One of the obstacles many entrepreneurs face is thinking they have to be the next Elon Musk to be successful, says Hannah Gee, director of Roshambo Studios.

Alongside her fellow directors, Jordan Gian and Thomas Anbeek, Hannah is a facilitator of Brimbank City Council’s CUL-TI-VATE program, an immersive nine-week workshop series designed to help entrepreneurs accelerate the process of developing a business idea and scaling it into a sustainable model.

“The term ‘entrepreneur’ has become a bit of a buzzword and I think it can be intimidating for people to see these incredible start-ups and prolific tech platforms, like Uber,” Hannah says.

“But we need to remember we’re not seeing all the action behind these success stories – the failed ideas, stumbles, falls and rejection. We’re only seeing the ideas that worked.”

Cultivating your creative or innovative idea

CUL-TI-VATE is a Brimbank City Council initiative for the local start-up and small business community. This fast-paced program is designed by Roshambo Studios and delivered by VU Innovations Entrepreneurs in Residence.

CUL-TI-VATE is your opportunity to receive training, mentoring and inspiration to help transform your idea into a sustainable business model. The first workshop is on Wednesday, 1 May 2019.  Applications close on 7 April.

Learn more about the CUL-TI-VATE program and apply online 

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

With her background in organisational psychology and designing digital, face-to-face, and visual learning experiences for large corporations, Hannah’s passions include transformative learning experiences and building an entrepreneurial mindset.

“Early in my career, I worked with an incredible leader who encouraged me to fail, to learn through experimentation and experience, which replaced my fear with curiosity,” Hannah says.

“This program aims to develop an entrepreneurial mindset of agility, creativity, curiosity and empathy”

“You’ll have hundreds of good ideas, but it’s really about taking action – listening to the market and asking your customers – rather than falling in love with one idea, which may not be the right one.

“This program aims to develop an entrepreneurial mindset of agility, creativity, curiosity and empathy,” she says.

CUL-TI-VATE is delivered at iHarvest Coworking Sunshine, an affordable co-working location for start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. This vibrant space, located in the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre at 301 Hampshire Road and a 10-minute walk from Sunshine Railway Station, also provides support with a program of business mentoring, workshops and networking.

We asked Hannah and Jordan to tell us more about this innovative program.

How do I know if I’m ready for

The program is designed to support people who are motivated and ready to take action! You might have identified a gap in the market or have an existing product or service that could be improved. You may have an early-stage idea that could be commercialised or one that could have a positive impact on people or the planet. If any of these resonate, you’re ready.

What will I learn from CUL-TI-VATE? 

During the nine weeks, you’ll formulate an idea, validate its desirability and feasibility, before testing it in the market with real customers. You’ll learn the basics of design, brand, marketing, sales, pricing and pitching. You’ll learn how to quickly assess an idea and decide whether to pursue it or not, which will highly increase the chances of success in the future. You’ll connect and collaborate with the local start-up and small business community. 

How will CUL-TI-VATE help me get started?

The program is designed to be immersive, engaging and fun! It is fast-paced and mirrors the speed that is needed to succeed in the real world. This is not a business 101 course. We do some business training, but only after we’ve taken an idea and validated it. You’ll develop confidence, technical know-how and, most importantly, the entrepreneurial mindset of resilience, adaptability, innovation and action. We’ll show you how to do push-ups, but we won’t do them for you!

For further information please contact the Economic Development Team on 9249 4413 or email [email protected]

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